Introducing JessBuntu 12.04.1 – a Distribution Based on Ubuntu 12.04

The latest version of the JessBuntu distribution is available on Softpedia

JessBuntu, a distribution based on Ubuntu 12.04 developed by the same guy who brought us Unity Dark 2, has been released.

JessBuntu 12.04.1 is actually based on Zorin, a distribution built on top of Ubuntu 12.04. The developer has chosen to modify the Icons, the Themes, and the Wallpapers for this release.

New apps have been added, such as the Live Wallpaper with custom settings, Screen Cloud and Storm Cloud.

JessBuntu is updated as of 24-11-12 with new Skype, Firefox, Gimp software, just to name a few.

Other apps included in the application are Wallch, Coverseen, ClipGrab, Geary Mail, Qbittorrent, Clementine, Cheeseweb cam, Format Junkie, K3b, Open Shot with Blender, SuperBoot, Cairo with Custom settings, Unbuntu Tweak, and many more.

A complete list of applications and improvements can be found on the official website.

Download JessBuntu 12.04.1 right now from Softpedia.

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