Intel X.Org Driver 2.21.3 Restores Gen4 Workarounds

The latest version of the Intel X.Org Driver can be downloaded from Softpedia

Intel X.Org Driver package, an open source 2D graphics driver for the X Window System as implemented by, has reached version 2.21.3.

Chris Wilson has released yet another version of xf86-video-intel drivers, which features quite some interesting changes.

Highlights of Intel X.Org Driver 2.21.3:

• The tracking of DRI pixmaps has been fixed;

• Restore the gen4 workarounds for flickering rendering – a few cases still remain, as the root cause persists;

• Double check that the device has KMS enabled before claiming. This allows X to gracefully fallback to VESA/fbdev rather than bailing out;

• The UXA render programs used for projective transforms on Ivybridge has been fixed;

• Only clear the GPU bo flush flag when the last export is destroyed.

A complete list of changes and improvement can be found in the official announcement.

Download Intel X.Org Driver 2.21.3 right now from Softpedia.

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