Intel X.Org Driver 2.20.10 Brings Lots of Improvement

The latest version of the Intel X.Org Driver can be downloaded from Softpedia

Intel X.Org Driver package, an open source 2D graphics driver for the X Window System as implemented by, has reached version 2.20.10.

Chris Wilson has released yet another version of xf86-video-intel drivers, which features quite some interesting changes.

“The last couple of weeks have been fairly retrospective, a dive into prehistory tidying up the earlier generations which lay languishing as the core progressed and lead to a number of annoying core bugs being fixed,” said Wilson in the release announcement.

Highlights of Intel X.Org Driver 2.20.10:

• DRM master earlier is now released earlier, during shutdown, so switching between multiple X servers works automatically;

• Error propagation from DRI2GetMSC has been suppressed;

• A few fixes to i8xx batch emission, ensuring that the GPU is always in a valid state, have been implemented;

• A crash combining TearFree and rotations has been prevented.

Download Intel X.Org Driver 2.20.10 right now from Softpedia.

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