Intel 2.18 Video Driver for Linux Released

xf86-video-intel 2.18.0 is available for download!

Chris Wilson announced a few minutes ago, February 24th, that version 2.18.0 of the xf86-video-intel graphics driver for Linux is available for download.

Intel 2.18 video driver brings a limit to maximum object size in order for all of the mask, destination and source to be simultaneously mapped into the aperture.

A regression from version 2.15.901 of the Intel driver, that incorrectly clipped polygons was fixed, as well as the latency in processing user-input during continuous rendering.

"As you may have noticed, we now have two additional experimental acceleration backends, SNA and Glamor. SNA is a continuation of the traditional DDX model and has a specialised renderer to try and exploit the full limits of the available hardware."

"Glamor is an alternate that hands over all the rendering to a new library that tries to leverage OpenGL to accelerate the drawing operations."

"Both require you to have an uptodate graphics stack (with additional restrictions on how you have compiled mesa and the xserver for glamor) and to opt in by either compiling with --enable-sna or with --enable-glamor." - said Chris Wilson in the mailing-list announcement.

Last but not least, in order to avoid hitting the per-process VMA limit, the number of VMA cached was limited.

Download Intel 2.18.0 video driver for Linux right now from Softpedia.

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