Improve Battery Life with Laptop Mode Tools 1.63

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Laptop Mode Tools, a power-saving package for Linux systems that allows users to extend the battery life the their laptop in several ways, is now at version 1.63.

According to the developers, Laptop Mode Tools 1.63 brings some very important bug fixes that will make the power saving feature much more efficient.

Highlights of Laptop Mode Tools 1.63:

• The power savings are activated when the stick is unplugged;

• Lock descriptors are now released in the start-stop-programs module;

• An option has been added and users can now disable the alarm level check;

• A PCIe ASPM module has been added.

Users must not change the autonegotiation settings. Fiddling with auto-negotiation settings can cause more problems and the standards expect them to be always on.

Download Laptop Mode Tools 1.63 right now from Softpedia.

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