IP Sets 6.16.1 Has Been Officially Released

The latest version of IP Sets can be downloaded from Softpedia

IP sets, a framework inside the Linux 2.4.x and 2.6.x kernel, which can be administered by the ipset utility, is now at version 6.16.1.

IP sets 6.16.1 can be used to store multiple IP addresses, port numbers and match against the collection by iptables in one swoop, dynamically update iptables rules against IP addresses, and much more.

Highlights of IP sets 6.16.1:

• ipset package version has been added to external module description;

• Backport RCU handling up to 2.6.32.x;

• All modules have been removed before the testing resize;

• Support for Linux 3.7 UAPI (Jan Engelhardt) has been added;

• Netlink pid has been renamed to portid in kernel 3.7.0;

• The RCU handling has been fixed;

• The netiface set name overflow has been repaired.

Check out the official changelog for a complete list of changes.

Download IP sets 6.16.1 right now from Softpedia.

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