Humble Bundle's Vessel Finally Appears on Linux

The developer needed some time to finish the port

Vessel is a game that was supposed to arrive on Linux with the Humble Indie Bundle 6, but it failed to make an appearance. After a couple of months of absence, Vessel was finally launched for the open source platform.

The Humble Indie Bundle 6 contained some pretty good games and Vessel was supposed to be one of the highlights of the collection.

Due to technical reasons, the developers from Strange Loop Games were unable to complete it in time. The Humble Bundle technical staff got pounded with questions, but they were unable to provide a timeline for the launch.

After a couple of months of assiduous work, the developers have finally managed to get a version out for the Linux buyers of Vessel.

It’s supposed to be a stable version, but don’t get upset if there are a few bugs left. Hopefully, they will be ironed out.

That being said, just head on to the Humble Bundle website and claim you game.

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