Harvest: Massive Encounter Announced for Steam on Linux

This real time strategy will be available on the Steam digital distribution platform

Games are flocking to Linux after Valve has announced that its Steam client will be available on the open source platform, and Harvest: Massive Encounter is yet another title that will be launched along, with the digital distribution platform.

Harvest: Massive Encounter is a real time strategy that redefines the term of epic proportions. Although the game is based on a 2D game engine, it still presents beautiful rendered graphics.

The players will face ten distinct enemy alien types, will be able to build five different buildings, and will be able to post the results online.

The information about Harvest: Massive Encounter presence on the Linux platform comes from the CDR database.

CDR Database is a record of data that describes every Steam game and subscription provided by Valve for the Steam service. Usually, the new entries in the Steam database are firstly visible in the CDR Database before their official launch.

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