HandyLinux 1.5.1 Adds Text Mode Installation

This release is only available in the French language

The development team behind the HandyLinux operating system had the pleasure of announcing on June 30 that version 1.5.1 has been released and is now available for download. This build introduces several new features, updated packages, and fixes various bugs.

Unfortunately for some of you, this release is only available in the French language. Support for the English language will be added in the upcoming 1.6 version, which should be out this summer. However, you can easily add support for the English language after installation.

According to the official release notes, HandyLinux 1.5.1 adds a text mode installation, the ability to start the operating system in safe graphics mode, a keyboard selection dialog for the live session, Pepper Flash Plugin for Chromium, Microsoft fonts, as well as various tools and libraries.

In addition, this first maintenance release of HandyLinux 1.5 brings updates for the TeamViewer and Skype software, the latest updates from the Debian GNU/Linux operating system, integrates metapackages in the “handylinux-xxx” form, and improves the build process.

HandyLinux is a Debian-based distribution of Linux that was designed from the ground up to be newbie-friendly, helping Windows users to migrate to an open source operating system. You can download HandyLinux 1.5.1, the latest version, right now from Softpedia.

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