Half-Life 3 Could Be the SteamOS Launch Title

Evidence is piling up to indicate that a Half-Life 3 game release might be rather close

The timing of the recent Half-Life 3 supposed leaks indicates that the game could be the launch title for the Linux-based SteamOS.

Valve has announced last week its plans to bring a new kind of experience into the living room, based on a new operating system called SteamOS that is Linux-based, most likely on Ubuntu.

After years of Half-Life 3 speculations and no credible details whatsoever, two important pieces of information have been revealed. One is about the Half-Life 3 trademark, which has been registered by Valve only recently.

Such actions usually take place in the late stages of development, because doing it too early might spoil the surprise.

A second leak that has just confirmed that Half-Life 3 is in production has been spotted on an official Valve website.

Given the commitment of Valve to the Linux platform and the fact that they seriously intend to make all of their games Linux-compatible, including the ones that will build on the upcoming Source 2 engine, it is safe to assume not only that Half-Life 3 will be on Linux, but that it will also be a launch title for Steam Machines and SteamOS.

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