HP Announces Ubuntu Management Component Pack for ProLiant Servers

Ubuntu Management Component Pack 9.25 released for HP ProLiant servers

Craig Lamparter announced a few days ago that version 9.25 of the Ubuntu Management Component Pack for HP ProLiant servers is now available for download/update.

Ubuntu Management Component Pack 9.25 comes with an updated version of the agent management software, the ability to configure your HP SmartArray online, and many other goodies.

“In support of our growing partnership with Canonical, HP is pleased to announce the release of the latest Management Component Pack for Ubuntu on HP ProLiant servers.”

“This release (v9.25) includes new versions of agent management software which let you control and monitor HP-specific hardware components.” said Craig Lamparter, HP ProLiant Linux R&D.

The following tools are included in this release: hpsmh, hp-snmp-agents, hp-smh-templates, hponcfg, hp-health, hpacucli and hp-ams. The release can be grabbed from the HP Software Delivery Repository.

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