Guns of Icarus Online Receives Hefty Update on Steam for Linux

Another major patch has been released for this multiplayer game

Guns of Icarus Online, a multiplayer first-person shooter developed by Muse Games for multiple platforms, has just received a consistent update.

In Guns of Icarus Online, players will have to choose from one of five classes, Captain, Crew, Pilot, Gunner, or Engineer.

Highlights of the latest update for Guns of Icarus Online:

• A new ship called the Mobul has been added;

• A new gun called the Phobos Light Mine Launcher has been added;

• New costume bundles have been placed on sale;

• An expanded beginning Gunner tutorial has been added;

• New progression achievements have been implemented;

• The in-game manual has been updated;

• The Options screen is now available from the header.

More details about this update can be found in the official announcement. If you are interested in Guns of Icarus Online, you should check the Steam website.

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