Google's Self-Driving Cars Are Powered by Ubuntu

The on-board computer uses a lightly customized Ubuntu

Google revealed that they are using a lightly customized and realtime-ish version of the Ubuntu Linux operating system development by Canonical on their driverless cars used to map the Earth.

During the Embedded Linux Conference 2013, conducted by The Linux Foundation, that took place earlier this year, Google had a 24-minute keynote speech hosted by Andrew Chatham, which revealed that their self-driving cars are using a stripped version of Ubuntu.

If you're a technology freak like me, I dare you to watch the video above and learn how Google modified the Ubuntu operating system, and how they manage to control and fix it when needed.

This piece of news should not really come as a surprise to any of us Linux (Ubuntu) freaks out there, as Google is known for using a modified version of Ubuntu at their workplaces.

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