Google Chrome 30 Stable Has Been Officially Released

Google releases Chrome 30.0.1599.66 with various fixes and improvements

Google has just announced the promotion of the Google Chrome 30 web browser to the stable channel, a release that brings numerous fixes and improvements.

Supported on the Chrome Frame, Linux, Windows and Mac OS X platforms, the newly released Google Chrome 30 web browser (the actual version is 30.0.1599.66), allows users to search the Web by image even easier than before.

Moreover, numerous new apps and extension APIs have been implemented in Google Chrome 30, as well as several under the hood performance and stability improvements.

Google Chrome 30 also includes over 50 security fixes, in order to make it a more stable and reliable web browser. For more details, please check the official blog announcement.

Download Google Chrome 30 for Linux.

Download Google Chrome 30 for Mac OS X.

Download Google Chrome 30 for Windows.

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