Google Chrome 25.0.1364.160 Stable Released with Important Security Update

All three Google Chrome branches can be downloaded from Softpedia

Google Chrome, a browser built on the WebKit layout engine that aims to be minimalistic and versatile at the same time, is now at version 25.0.1364.160.

Google Chrome updates are usually pretty consistent and they come with a sleuth of updates that cover new features and security fixes.

The new version launched today, Google Chrome 25.0.1364.160, only implements one security fix, for all major platforms, Linux, Windows and Mac OS, which has been earmarked as having a high priority.

Like most of the fixes, this one stems from the Chromium branch and the credit for the fix goes to Nils and Jon of MWR Labs.

More details about this security update for the Google internet browser can be found in the official announcement.

Download Google Chrome 25.0.1364.160 right now from Softpedia.

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