Gnote 3.7.1 Is Now Available for Testing

The latest version of Gnote can be downloaded from Softpedia

Gnote, a free and open-source desktop notetaking application written for Linux, ported from Tomboy to C++, is now at version 3.7.1.

Highlights of Gnote 3.7.1:

• A new special notebook called PinnedNotesNotebook has been added;

• A new special notebook called Active Notes has been made active;

• Switcher has been replaced by the search button in the main window;

• A New Note button has been added to the main window toolbar;

• A few keywords were added to the desktop file;

• The window title is now changing accordingly to what's actually displayed;

• A few segfaults that occurred when using the tray menu have been fixed.

The Gnote file format is the same as Tomboy's Note Format, but there are no warranties that Tomboy is able to read them.

Check out the full changelog for a complete list of updates and fixes.

Download Gnote 3.7.1 right now from Softpedia. Remember that this is a beta version and it should NOT be installed on production machines. It is intended for testing purposes only.

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