Get a Job with the Linux Essentials Program

People who want to enter the Linux and Open Source world will benefit from a head start

The Linux Professional Institute, an organization that provides Linux certification, has announced that its program, Linux Essentials, is now available in North America.

Linux Essentials is a program used in measuring foundational knowledge in Linux and Open Source Software.

“Jobs for those with knowledge of Linux and Open Source software are available NOW. LPI's Linux Essentials program will enable the digital generation to acquire the basic skills necessary to earn those all-important entry level positions for their future career in IT,” said Jim Lacey, president and CEO of LPI.

Linux Essentials has already been launched in other parts of the world, such as Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

The program can be very easily integrated into training centers and academic organizations, providing a starting education for users who want to enter the open source world.

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