Get Your Programming Socks On, the Ubuntu Developer Summit Starts Today

The first day of UDS is about to start with a few interesting topics

The Ubuntu Developer Summit has started today and everyone is curious to see what Canonical has in store for us.

UDS or Ubuntu Developer Summit is a developers’ meeting where they try to piece together, in advance, the future of Ubuntu operating systems, whether it's about the desktop or the mobile versions.

“UDS, the Ubuntu Developer Summit, is here again, starting in just a few hours. A week packed with content that will define the plans for the new Ubuntu development cycle, and as usual, with a full track dedicated to application development,” reads the official announcement.

The schedule for today is pretty straightforward, but users also have access to the schedule for the entire event.

• 15:05 UTC: App Development Roundtable

• 16:05 UTC SDK UI Toolkit Theming

• 16:05 UTC SDK Feedback from App Developers

• 18:05 UTC SDK Roadmap

• 19:05 UTC Growing the Ubuntu SDK Apps Collection

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