Get Dynamite Jack with 50% Discount for Linux

The offer is made through Steam and the game will be available for Linux

Dynamite Jack, a 2D top-down action adventure game developed Hassey Enterprises, Inc., can be acquired for the Linux platform, through Steam, at 50% discount.

Steam for Linux hasn't launched yet, but that doesn't mean users can't get deals for games that will be supported on Linux.

Dynamite Jack made its appearance on the CDR database a while ago and the Windows version of the game can be purchased for half-price, until 18.00 GMT, November 12.

If a user buys a game on any platform for Steam, Windows, Mac OS, and soon Linux, that title will be available on all platforms. This means that you can easily purchase Dynamite Jack right now and play it on Linux once the Steam client gets launched for everyone.

In Dynamite Jack, players will have to make their way to freedom. Jack is a space marine, armed with bombs and a flashlight, who has to escape from the Anathema Mines using stealth and careful planning.

More details about the game can be found on the official Steam website.

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