Get City Building RPG "Towns" on Steam for Linux with a 35% Discount

Towns is a game that combines city management with RPG elements

Towns, a city building and management game that also has many RPG features, can be purchased on Steam for Linux with a 35% discount.

Towns is a game built by two developers, Xavi Canal and Ben Palgi. It went through the Steam Greenlight system and gathered enough votes in order to be published on Steam.

The players will be tasked to build a city, but their job is a lot more complex. You will have to build a town that attracts the best heroes, which then will have to explore the dungeons below, fight off monsters, gain levels, special skills and collect the best loot.

You will also have to craft weapons, trade exotic items, setup traps, and protect the town from the dangers coming from below.

If you are interested in this game, you should check the official Steam website.

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