Get Anomaly: Warzone Earth with Indie Royale Stuffing Bundle

This is the only game in the collection that can be played on Linux

Indie Royale is trying to match the Humble Bundle offer with its own collection of games, but unfortunately only one of them is also available for the Linux platform.

The game in question is called Anomaly: Warzone Earth and was developed by 11 Bit Studios. It might seem like a simple and straightforward title, but it's not.

According to its developers, it offers a unique twist on tower defense where you’ll play on the offensive. Rather than building towers to force units through a path, you create a path for units to destroy towers.

Indie Royale Stuffing Bundle could have been a great opportunity for some other games to arrive on Linux, especially because some of the other included titles are pretty interesting.

More details about the pricing and the games included in Indie Royale Stuffing Bundle can be found on the official website.

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