GeeXboX 3.0 Is Based on XBMC Media Center 11

It comes with better support for SSDs and (U)EFI systems

The GeeXboX 3.0 Linux operating system has been announced on September 18th, with amazing new features and improvements to make your HTPC even more powerful.

With this 3rd iteration of the GeeXboX Linux operating system, the developers updated the XBMC Media Center to version 11 (Eden), which gives users lots and lots of breathtaking features.

GeeXboX 3.0 brings support for PVR to DVB Digital TV so you can record and watch live TV at the same time. It also integrates better support for remote controls, support for Full HD videos on PandaBoard and Cubox.

On the hardware side, support for SSDs and (U)EFI systems, as well as better HDD installation, have been added to the GeeXboX 3.0.

On the software side, GeeXboX 3.0 is powered by Linux kernel 3.4.4, systemd 188, ALSA, BusyBox 1.21, XOrg Server 1.11.4, Mesa 8.0.3, OPKG Package Manager 0.18, and Connman Network Manager 1.6.

For more details about GeeXboX 3.0, have a look at the official release announcement.

Download GeeXboX 3.0 right now from Softpedia.

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