Geary Developer Offering Cash Prize to Port the Software on Ubuntu 12.04 and elementary OS

Anyone who is willing to backport Geary will be able to claim the bounty

Yorba, the developer of the popular Geary email client, is now offering a reward for whoever is capable of backporting Geary 0.4.1 to Ubuntu 12.04 and elementary Luna 0.2.

The Geary developer said that it would take way too much time to make the software compatible with so many distributions, especially because it relies on libraries that are no longer available in Ubuntu 12.04.

“Anyone can take on this work -- even a group of people can take this on. If they meet all the stipulations listed below, they will collect the bounty. Whomever accepts the task there should let us know on this ticket they are beginning work. They should also use this ticket to ask the Geary developers questions about the process,” reads the offer on

The Yorba developers have been the only ones, so far, to pun money on it, $500 (€372), but that sum might go up if the fans of elementary OS decided to participate.

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