Gear Up Tank Multiplayer Game Receives Major Patch for Linux

This Linux game is shaping up to be a great online experience

By on December 13th, 2013 15:44 GMT

Gear Up, an online multiplayer game in which the players build their own tanks and participate in online challenges such as battles, races, and other missions, has received a large patch for Linux

In Gear Up, players will have to build tanks using a vast array of weapons, turrets, chassis, and tracks. The number of possible combinations is in the thousands.

Highlights of Gear Up 0.14:

• A crash bug with Proximity Mines has been fixed;
• Changes have been implemented for the impact determination system;
• The team member lists have been added to the large map view;
• 50xp is now awarded for taking a tower in Conquest;
• The target aim functionality has been added to Skyfire mortar.
• OpenGL issues with reflective tank materials have been corrected.

More details about this version and the game can be found on the Steam website.