Gear Up Tank Multiplayer Game Gets Another Major Update on Steam for Linux

The developers have released a new patch for Gear Up

Gear Up, an online multiplayer game in which the players build their own tanks and participate in online challenges such as battles, races, and other missions, has received another large patch for Linux.

In Gear Up, players will have to build tanks using a vast array of weapons, turrets, chassis, and tracks. The number of possible combinations is in the thousands.

Highlights of Gear Up 0.108:

• A problem with multiple messages about bot being killed has been fixed;

• New mesh and textures have been implemented for Spiderlegs Ultraligh;

• An effect has been added when blowing up cardboard boxes;

• An indication has been added to the cross-hair to tell if the aim is obstructed;

• Active/deactive handing in X11 has been enabled for Linux;

• Closing the application with the WM close button is now possible.

More details about this version and the game can be found on the Steam website.

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