Gaming on Linux, Now a Reality with Desura

The Desura client for Linux comes with 65+ games!!

Desura unleashed last night, November 17th, the final and stable Linux client for its Desura service, providing 65 game titles installable with a single mouse click.

The Desura client for Linux allows users to easily install, patch and play games on all Linux distributions! Finally!

"Linux users were continually reaching out to us offering their support and encouragement as we developed the Linux client. I believe we have created a robust tool to help promote and grow gaming on Linux."

"After an extensive 2 month beta, we are proud to unlock Desura for all Linux users and shift our attention towards adding to the more than 65 Linux games already offered." said Scott Reismanis, the founder of Desura.

The Desura client for Linux was under heavy testing for about two months. Thanks to all the users who helped Desura to test the client on various Linux distributions, it now become a reality.

In time, Desura will try to expend their catalog of Linux games (65 titles at the moment). Install Desura client for Linux right now from here.

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