Game Engine Torque 3D Goes Open Source

Developers from GarageGames think it will be a profitable initiative

Torque 3D, a full source game engine that was initially developed by The GarageGames studio, has been released under an MIT licence.

Releasing a complete game engine under an open source license is a bold move and it will prove to be quite profitable. The developers of the Torque 3D engine will rent their “service work” and make a hefty sum out of it.

I’m happy to say that we’ve already booked our first million dollars in service work and we expect the growth trend to continue as we make Torque 3D more accessible, Eric Preisz, manager at GarageGames, said in the press release.

The game engine is in its early development stages, but the team is working hard to release a more stable and even a final version. The developers have also encouraged programmers to make their games open source as well.

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