Game Dev Tycoon Lets Linux Players Run a Gaming Studio

The game has been launched on multiple platforms, including Linux

Game Dev Tycoon, a unique game that allows players to control a gaming studio, has been released for Linux.

The developers from Greenheart Games have released the game on multiple platforms, and that includes Linux.

Their game made quite a splash after one of the developers has released a slightly modified version of their game, on a well-known file sharing website.

The custom Game Dev Tycoon has been programed to send back statistics about the users who downloaded it illegally.

Moreover, some of the same players have complained on the official forum that the piracy rate, in the game, is too big and they need to research some DRM measures.

Game Dev Tycoon is available from the official website and it can be bought at a very reasonable price. More details about this game can be found on

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