Game Dev Tycoon Launched on Steam for Linux with 20% Discount

The game is now available on all the Steam available platforms

Game Dev Tycoon, a simulation in which the players are allowed to run their own gaming studio, has been released on Linux with a 20% discount.

After gaining some notoriety for tricking the people who actually pirated a game about making games, the developers have finally released this title on Linux.

“I2n Game Dev Tycoon you replay the history of the gaming industry by starting your own video game development company in the 80s. Create best selling games. Research new technologies and invent new game types. Become the leader of the market and gain worldwide fans,” reasd the official announcement.

To top it all off, Game Dev Tycoon is also available with a 20% discount until October 8. More details about this game can be found on the official Steam website.

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