Gabe Newell Talks About Platform Unification, Just like Canonical with Ubuntu Edge

Valve's boss made some very interesting statements during his LinuxCon keynote

Gabe Newell gave a very interesting keynote at the LinuxCon and CloudOpen North America conference, in which he talked about the unification of platforms.

If this talk about unification seems to be familiar, then you are right. The co-founder of Valve has talked about a unification of platforms in the living room between mobile and the desktop, which is quite similar with Canonical's idea.

“None of the propriety closed platforms are going to be able to provide a grand unification between mobile, the living room, and the desktop,” stated Gabe Newell during his keynote.

He also explained that Valve would release some information about their Steambox, a device supposed to take the PC gaming into the living room without having to switch platforms.

Canonical has just ended a crowd-funding project, unsuccessfully, with a device that shared a similar vision, Ubuntu Edge, which would have acted as a phone and PC at the same time.

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