GVFS 1.16.1 Fixes Compiler Warnings and Other Issues

This release has been updated for the GNOME 3.8.1 desktop environment

A new stable version of the GVFS application for the GNOME desktop environment has been announced a few days ago, bringing various fixes and the usual translation updates.

GVFS 1.16.1 fixes a daemon issue, ensuring that file monitors are no longer prematurely finalized; fixes a crash in the obexftp function, which appeared due to missing D-Bus threads support; and fixes compiler warning.

GVFS 1.16.1 also fixes three bugs found in the gvfschannel function: a readahead behavior fix, a daemon crash fix, which appeared when cancelling channel operations, and a proper error is shown if no more free fds exists.

Last but not least, various translations have been updated in this new stable release of GVFS. For more details, please see the official raw changelog.

Download GVFS 1.16.1 right now from Softpedia.

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