GUPnP 0.20.5 Adds Simple Network Device Whitelisting Infrastructure

This release of GUPnP introduces several improvements and fixes a few bugs

The development team behind the GUPnP project, an object-oriented and elegant open source framework for creating UPnP devices and control points, released version 0.20.5 with several improvements and fixes.

GUPnP 0.20.5 adds simple network device whitelisting infrastructure, adds various missing G_{BEGIN,END}_DECLS guards, ports gupnp-binding-tool to Python 3, upgrades gtk-doc stuff, enables GTest tests, and removes the test for inverted arguments in the GUPnPContext tests.

GUPnP 0.20.5 also fixes the uninitialized variable use introduced in the previous version, fixes crashes in NetworkManager's context manager during some async calls, fixes a small memory leak in the UNIX and Windows CM, and repairs the service example in documentation.

Several other bugs have been squashed in this release of GUPnP. More details can be found in the official raw changelog.

Download GUPnP 0.20.5 right now from Softpedia.

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