GTK Text Editor CherryTree 0.30.0 Now Has Spell Check

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CherryTree, a hierarchical note-taking application that features rich text and syntax highlighting, and storing data in a single xml or sqlite file, is now at version 0.30.0.

CherryTree features syntax highlighting, image handling, simple tables handling, spell check, export to html, export to cherrytree, password protection, and much more.

Highlights of CherryTree 0.30.0:

• Spell check has been added and the application is now using the library pygtkspellcheck;

• The opportunity to insert special characters in text using top menu has been added;

• Exporting to single plain text file is now possible;

• The TOC of the whole tree, including links to all existing nodes of the tree, has been improved;

• A menu item and the shortcut (Ctrl+Shift+J) have been implemented.

More details about the release can be found on the official website. Download CherryTree 0.30.0 right now from Softpedia.

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