GTK Text Editor CherryTree 0.29 Improves Tree Loading

A few other options and new features have been added to the software

CherryTree, a hierarchical note taking application which features rich text and syntax highlighting, and storing data in a single xml or sqlite file, is now at version 0.29.

Highlights of CherryTree 0.29:

• When running cherrytree from command line, it is now possible to indicate a node name to focus as argument (cherrytree filepath -n nodename);

• A shortcut to toggle focus between tree and text (Ctrl+J) has been added;

• Several icons related to text formatting have been updated to have a unique style/theme for all of them;

• A preference option has been added to collapse all nodes when loading the tree (now there are the options to expand all, collapse all or restore from latest session);

• Import from zim is now possible;

• Several bugs have been fixed.

More details a about the release can be found on the official website.

Download CherryTree 0.29 right now from Softpedia.

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