GParted Live CD 0.10.0-3 Can Detect exFAT

It incorporated the new GParted 0.10.0 application

Clonezilla Live CD maker, Steven Shiau, proudly announced on November 2nd a new stable version of his GParted Live CD operating system for partitioning tasks.

Being based on the latest build (11-02-2011) of Debian Sid, the new GParted Live CD 0.10.0-3 distribution brings the amazing and improved GParted 0.10.0 application, and a handful of improvements.

Having GParted 0.10.0 on board, GParted Live CD 0.10.0-3 has now the ability to resize Btrfs partitions, detect exFAT paritions and intelligently merge overlapping operations.

Last but not least, the "info" icon was removed from GParted Live CD 0.10.0-3 because of deprecation.

Gparted Live CD is a bare-bones Linux distribution designed with a single purpose in mind, get GParted working. Everything is set up to allow users to boot up from a CD or USB and be able to use GParted to manage a system's disks.

Download GParted Live CD 0.10.0-3 right now from Softpedia.

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