GNOME Initial Setup 0.9 Updates the Keyboard Panel

This release fixes various issues and updates several translations

The GNOME developers announced a few days ago that a new version of the GNOME Initial Setup software for the GNOME desktop environment is available for download, fixing various issues found in previous releases. 

GNOME Initial Setup 0.9 updates the keyboard panel, updates the summary page with a checkmark, adds a new infrastructure for launching the app without a trigger file, and the app can now be launched with the existing user mode on first logins.

This version also fixes some compiler warnings, the welcome-tour can now be launched on unsupported locales, and the Back and Forward buttons from the summary page are now hidden.

Last but not least, numerous translations have been updated in this stable release of the GNOME Initial Setup software, 32 to be more precise.

Download GNOME Initial Setup 0.9 right now from Softpedia.

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