GNOME Games Fixes Gapplication

Users can download the updated version right now from Softpedia

GNOME Games, a collection of fifteen small "five-minute" games in a variety of styles and genres for the GNOME desktop, is now at version

GNOME Games has been updated along with all the other applications in the new Gnome 3.6 package.

Highlights of Gnome Games

• Mahjongg was renamed to gnome-mahjongg;

• Swell-foop can now be played with keyboard and has mnemonics in the preferences dialog;

• The high score dialogs got a date field;

• Gtali was ported to GtkApplication and received an app menu;

• Timers was split out of libgames-support;

• A crash on startup due to incorrect usage of Gapplication has been fixed;

• A map loading in the Vala rewrite of Mahjongg has been fixed.

A complete list of changes and updates can be found in the official changelog.

Download Gnome Games right now from Softpedia.

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