GNOME Fallback Makes a Spectacular Return as GNOME Flashback

A few developers are trying to continues the work on the old Fallback mode

A lot of users have been missing the old GNOME Fallback, but a few developers have formed a new team for GNOME Flashback and have managed to release it just in time, a few hours before official launch of GNOME 3.10.

If you were worried about the abandoned GNOME Fallback, then you should rejoice to the news that there are people out there that really want that project to go on, albeit in another form.

“This is the first release that ships a session descriptor and wrapper script for the "Gnome Flashback” session. This is similar to the standalone fallback session previously shipped in Debian / Ubuntu.”

“As integration with the rest of the Gnome stack has suffered somewhat, this is mainly aimed at distributions that still want to support a metacity / gnome-panel based desktop (e.g. for LTSP installations,” stated Philipp Kaluza in the official GNOME mailing list.

The developers have explained that they have invited a lot of people to collaborate on this project, especially the ones working on MATE, the GNOME 2.x fork.

We expect to hear more great new from GNOME Fallback team in the next GNOME release cycle.

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