GNOME 3.4 Live CD Available for Download Now

A Live GNOME 3.4 Linux distribution based on the Fedora OS

After the successful release of the GNOME 3.4 desktop environment on March 28th, the GNOME Project are once again proud to announce that a Live CD Linux distribution with GNOME 3.4, based on Fedora, is now available for download.

The Live CD offers an easy way to interact with the GNOME 3.4 desktop environment and see what new features and improvements it brings. It is based on Fedora 17 and powered by Linux kernel 3.3.

The GNOME 3.4 desktop environment comes after another 6 months of hard work and incorporates lots of improvements, new functionality and updated translations.

Among important features of GNOME 3.4 we can mention the new GNOME Boxes app, implementation of App menus and Actions, Wacom and Network panels improvements, re-added the High Contrast and HighContrastInverse accessibility themes, ability to change brightness and contrast as you like, added GNOME Shell Keyring and Zoom Options dialogs, and Documents app improvements.

Download GNOME 3.4 Live CD right now from Softpedia.

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