GNOME 3.2's New File Manager, Emperor

Official release will be tonight. Stay tuned for the announcement!

It appears that the GNOME developers worked hard to bring a new file manager to the upcoming GNOME 3.2 desktop environment, which will be released later tonight.

The new file manager is called Emperor and will not replace the existing file/desktop manager, Nautilus. Instead, it will be nothing more than a simple two pane file manager written in GTK3.

Inspired by the ever popular Midnight Commander file manager, Emperor is just a "baby" at this time, but soon it will be integrated into the GNOME desktop environment and will feature GIO and GVfs support.

"While it is not yet full-featured, it is complete enough to be useful and has good support for network file systems and automatic mounting of archive files."

"Emperor strives to provide a user interface familiar to users of Total Commander, Krusader, or GNOME Commander." - was stated in the official announcement for the Emperor 0.1 release.

Here's the official website if you want to learn more about Emperor, GNOME's new file manager.

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