GLib 2.36.3 Stable Release Repairs Seven Bugs

This third maintenance release of GLib 2.36 brings Kannada translation

The third maintenance release of the Glib 2.36 library for the GNOME 3.8 desktop environment was made available for download last evening, June 10, 2013, fixing seven annoying bugs.

Glib 2.36.3 fixes the property example in the GObject tutorial, a GThreadedResolver issue – related to setting an error if no records could be found – has been repaired, and spelling issues of 'runtine' and 'adresses' in the cross.xml file have been fixed.

Moreover, a documentation error in G_GNUC_FORMAT has been repaired, some documentation about ordering has been added to GFileEnumerator, the g_file_set_contents() function received various improvements, and the g_file_copy() function is now able to create private files by default.

Last but not least, the Kannada translation has been updated in GLib 2.36.3. Please read the official raw changelog for more details about this stable release of the Glib library.

Download GLib 2.36.3 right now from Softpedia.

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