Fuduntu Distro Bites the Dust, End of Life Scheduled for September

A new version of this distribution was launched at the beginning of April

Fuduntu 2013.2, a lighthearted and fun Linux distribution that fits somewhere in-between Fedora and Ubuntu, will take its last gasp of air on September 30.

The future of Fuduntu is now very unclear after a Team meeting that decided to essentially scrap the current distribution, and provide security updates until September 30.

The main problem for the distro is that it relies heavily on GNOME 2, and the support for GTK 2 has decreased. Most applications have been ported to GTK 3, and the older versions are no longer supported.

“No new features will be implemented. The only exception are those features which are already being worked on. We will continue to provide bug and security fixes until the last day of support, however. 2013.3 will be the last release and September 30 will be the last official day of Fuduntu Linux,” reads the official announcement.

If you want to see what the distribution looks like, you can check out our latest (and last) screenshot tour of Fuduntu 2013.2.

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