FuSE OS Rises from the Ashes of Fuduntu

A new distribution based on openSUSE should arrive this year

The Fuduntu operating system is dead and buried, but the developers want to make a new distribution based on OpenSUSE called FuSE.

The choice of the name might be a little problematic because there a lot of other FUSE-related technologies already available.

“openSUSE was chosen because of its stable base, openness to derivatives and due to the tools available to both encourage and assist teams creating new distros,” stated the former Fuduntu developers in a short announcement.

The desktop environment that will be used in the new distribution will be Consort, a less known DE that is built by the developer of SolusOS.

“The team is currently discussing the name with SUSE to ensure that there is no legal issue to using that name. Pending confirmation that the name is in the green, it will be officially declared,” the announcement also read.

The expected release of the first FuSE version should be by the end of 2013.

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