Frugalware 1.8 Distribution Has Gnome 3.6 and KDE 4.9

The distribution also makes use of Linux kerrnel 3.5

Frugalware, a general purpose Linux operating system designed for intermediate users (who are not afraid of text mode), has reached version 1.8.

Frugalware 1.8 has been dubbed Cinna and it finally reached a stable version after no more than two release candidates.

According to the developer, no new features have been added since the last release, but there have been over 150 changes implemented just to fix minor bugs.

The distribution makes use of Linux kernel 3.7.5 and is based on the Gnome 3.6 desktop environment and on KDE 4.9. If features important software such as LibreOffice and Mozilla Firefox 18.0.1.

Highlights of Frugalware 1.8:

• Video decoding acceleration is now enabled in most multimedia applications;

• cpu scaling should now work out of the box on i686 and x86_64;

• cpupower is now only needed to modify the default cpu scaling settings;

• mesa 7.11 drivers have been revived to support hardware that mesa upstream dropped support for.

A complete list of changes and updates can be found in the official announcement.

Download Frugalware 1.8 (Cinna) right now from Softpedia.

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