Frugalware 1.7 Has Linux Kernel 3.4.8

The final version also comes with new KDE SC and GNOME versions

Frugalware, a general purpose Linux operating system designed for intermediate users (who are not afraid of text mode), is now at version 1.7.

As usual, there are quite a few differences from the previous version, such as:

· Linux kernel was updated to version 3.4.8;

· XOrg Server was updated to version 1.12.3;

· KDE SC was updated to version 4.9;

· GNOME was updated to version 3.4;

· LibreOffice was updated to version;

· Mozilla Firefox was updated to version 14.0.1;

· slocate was removed and replaced by mlocate;

· Support for ATI Radeon HD hardware before the 5000 series is now longer available;

· cpupower package has replaced all CPU scaling daemons;

· GRUB 2 has replaced GRUB 1;

· Localtime should work properly now.

A complete changelog is available and it can be found in the official announcement.

Download Frugalware 1.7 right now from Softpedia.

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