Fresh Google Chrome 29 Released on Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X

All three branches of Google Chrome can be downloaded from Softpedia

Google Chrome, a browser built on the Blink layout engine that aims to be minimalistic and versatile at the same time, is now at version 29.0.1547.41 Beta.

Google is continually improving all the branches of its Internet browser and it has released another build for the Beta version.

Highlights of Google Chrome 29.0.1547.41 Beta:

• Unloading disabled extensions is no longer possible;

• The port used in IPv6-test connection has been changed to 53;

• The music manager API has been promoted to the stable channel;

• The redirect URL is now removed from history only if it's the blank.html continue URL;

• The Ctrl-shift-left keyword combination is now used to select words in the omnibox.

A complete list of bug fixes and changes can be found in the official changelog.

Download Google Chrome 29.0.1547.41 Beta for Windows

Download Google Chrome 29.0.1547.41 Beta for Mac OS X

Download Google Chrome 29.0.1547.41 Beta for Linux

Remember that this is a development version and it should NOT be installed on production machines. It is intended for testing purposes only.

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