FreeBSD 9.2 Scheduled for Release on August 31

The development and release schedule has been published

A month after the release of FreeBSD 8.4, the developers have announced that a new, more advanced version is already underway.

FreeBSD 8.4 has been a rather large and important release only a month ago, but it seems that the 9.2 version is very close to a release.

“It was brought to our attention that this was not announced on -stable before now. That is my fault. This is a reminder that the Code Slush (aka "Feature Freeze") for 9.2-RELEASE is in effect.”

“The Code Slush is different from the Code Freeze in that you do not need to ask re@ permission for every commit, however with Code Slush we ask that you stop adding new features and focus more on fixing any issues in the existing code,” stated FreeBSD developer, Glen Barber.

The release schedule has been set and if there are no setbacks, the final version and the release announcement should arrive on August 31.

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