Free Game of the Week: Battle for Wesnoth

An amazing role-playing game that will satisfy any gamer

Linux is not a platform built for games, but that doesn't mean that we can't have fun and that there aren't some amazing games available.

Probably one of the most famous games for the Linux platform is Battle for Wesnoth, a turn-based strategy with a fantasy setting.

The game is quite stable and has been in development for years. It features a great story and will challenge even the best players with its difficulty.

We reviewed Battle for Wesnoth some time ago and the conclusion was that no self-respecting gamer should ignore this jewel.

If it weren't enough for a free game, Battle for Wesnoth features multiple story campaigns, a powerful level editor, and amazing music.

If you are interested in this game, you can download it right now from Softpedia.

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