First Results of The Ubuntu User Survey 2012

Canonical has released some result that shed light on the Ubuntu user base

The Ubuntu User Survey 2012 announced by Canonical in the beginning of March has  ended, and a part of the results has been published.

Before delving into the result, there are some simple facts that users need to know. The survey was conducted in three languages, English, Spanish, and Portuguese, and was advertised over a number of channels like Twitter and Facebook.

The responses were divided by language: English (15,653), Spanish (1,825), and Portuguese (1,751). A comprehensive result of the survey can be found in the official announcement, on Canonical's blog.

There are some interesting numbers to mention. First of all, the average age of an Ubuntu user is between 25 and 35 and the majority are males.

Ubuntu is most popular in the United States, followed closely by United Kindom, and Germany. If we read the survey by spread, depending on the population size, then Mexico has 23%, followed by Columbia with 9.9%, and United States in the third place with 9.80%.

These are just a few numbers from The Ubuntu User Survey 2012, and more will to come soon!

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