Firefox 15 Officially Lands in Ubuntu

It is now available on all supported Ubuntu releases!

With today's updates, Canonical upgraded the default web browser to Mozilla Firefox 15.0, in all its supported Ubuntu operating systems.

The Firefox 15 web browser was officially released yesterday, August 28th, bringing initial native support for PDF files, support for version 3 of the SPDY networking protocol, better performance, by enhancing WebGL with compressed textures, otimized add-ons to eat less memory, integrated JavaScript debugger into developer tools, a new layout view to Inspector, implemented the CSS word-break property, implemented high precision event timer, a new responsive design tool, to allow web developers to easily switch between mobile and desktop views of sites, native support for the Opus audio codec, media attribute support to the <source> element, and support for the played attribute to the <video> and <audio> elements.

All Ubuntu 12.04.1 LTS, Ubuntu 11.10, Ubuntu 11.04, and Ubuntu 10.04 LTS users can update their Firefox web browser and Thunderbird email client to version 15.0 right now, by using the Update Manager software.

Other Linux users can download Mozilla Firefox 15.0 binary and source packages right now from Softpedia. Also, don't forget to visit our always up-to-date Firefox Extensions section for the latest add-ons!

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